New Jeff Vandermeer web-sites

If you haven't read City of Saints and Madmen then you've missed something very special. Here's what the author of that strange and beautiful book has been publicising:


My new site is centered around Scott Eagle's amazing artwork for my short story collection from Golden Gryphon. New features include an expanded bibliography (in progress), a frequently-asked-questions page, an updated bio, a page of links to my fiction and nonfiction, and consolidated links to my blog, messageboard, etc. Also, I should note that hummingbirds can serve as portals to some pretty cool places.

The point of the Ambergris site is to provide "static" information. This site is not intended to provide updates on news or events. It is instead intended to set out up-to-date bibliographical information, excerpts from Ambergris stories, links to information or reviews of Ambergris books, and also extras like the first online presence of the decryption of the encrypted story from City of Saints. Since I plan on writing several more Ambergris books, I thought it would be useful to start this site now, with the release of the Pan Macmillan edition of City of Saints. Scott Eagle has been generous enough to allow me to use his stunning artwork for this site as well. A site map will be added by the end of the week; in the meantime, let your cursor roam over the painting."

Posted: Wed - April 7, 2004 at 02:50 AM