Booklog backlog

What I've read recently but been too busy, or too lazy, to write about:

The Zenith Angle - Bruce Sterling
The Year Of Our War - Steph Swainston
The Evening Of The World - Allan Massie Now complete.
The Last Legion - Valerio Massimo Manfredi
The Legate's Daughter - Wallace Breem
River Of Gods - Ian McDonald
Sethra Lavode - Steven Brust
Bundori - Laura Joh Rowland
The Way of the Traitor - Laura Joh Rowland
The Concubine's Tattoo - Laura Joh Rowland
Scandal Takes A Holiday - Lindsey Davis

What I've read not-very-recently but still been too busy, or too lazy, to write about:

Permanence - Karl Schroeder
Ventus - Karl Schroeder
Clade - Mark Budz
Sunshine - Robin McKinley
The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime - Mark Haddon
The Reliquary Ring - Cherith Baldry
Midnight Tides - Stephen Erikson
White Devils - Paul McAuley
Absolution Gap - Alastair Reynolds

Update: It's now May 2005, and I'm only now putting the website back up. Turns out this period of slacking off grew into a longer period where I either couldn't be bothered to review, couldn't think of anything interesting to say, couldn't get time outside work etc Then I moved house and job! Pity, because in that period I read some terrific books. Let's see how long it before the website goes stale this time around!

Posted: Mon - June 14, 2004 at 01:01 AM